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Coffee Mann Ltd was established at the beginning of 2015. I like to think we are a pipe dream turned reality story. In 2013 I had a vision. I wanted to see a mobile barista service operate at events held on the Isle of Man. I put hours of research in to really understand the industry and creating a viable business plan. Unfortunately the idea had to be put on hold until I could source a suitable vehicle, one that met my vision and needs ….

  • Great Coffee
    Great Coffee
    We love coffee, therefore we strive to share our taste in coffee’s from around the world with all of our customers. Our famous ‘Racer Blend’ coffee offers fruity notes giving you that perfect espresso. It certainly gets me racing!’ Conor Cummins (Founder of Coffee Mann)
  • Coffee Machines
    Coffee Machines
    We supply a variety of coffee machines to our customers. We have a great reputation for supplying the best machines on the market.

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